FILE: An elderly man was caught watching a teenage girl through her bathroom window in October.
FILE: An elderly man was caught watching a teenage girl through her bathroom window in October. Contributed

Old man climbs onto roof to perv on young girl on toilet

A TEENAGE girl is a "prisoner in her own home" after catching an elderly man peering through her second-storey bathroom window at night.

The Caloundra Magistrates Court heard a victim impact statement written by the teen's mum as Roland George Krause, 70, faced court for climbing onto their roof and watching her through a window.

Prosecutor Sergeant Stephen Potter said the girl was "in shock" when she saw Krause, who was wearing a pink shirt, peering through a frosted glass window while she was in the bathroom and immediately told her mum.

Sgt Potter said police were led to question Krause who first denied being on the roof saying he was "watching TV" on the night of October 23.

Police didn't believe him and searched his house to find the pink shirt in a laundry basket.

Sgt Potter said in an interview, Krause eventually admitted to climbing on the roof with a ladder but said he was collecting balls.

"He didn't ask permission and refused to accept he looked in (the window) and was wearing a pink t-shirt," Sgt Potter said.

The court heard Krause later accepted his intentions, with Sgt Potter saying he was "hoping to see the family naked or nearly naked" and was on the roof for "five minutes".

Sgt Potter said the children now suffered anxiety and were "reluctant to be in their home alone". Krause was previously convicted in 1967 for being a party of a sexual assault, where he was "hailed down by a friend who had a female with him" and drove them to a location and the other man offended the woman.

Defence lawyer, Justin Sibley admitted this was a "troubling offence" but noted the 52-year gap in offences.

Mr Sibley said he had no explanation for what occurred and lived with "extraordinary remorse".

Krause sobbed uncontrollably in the courtroom as Mr Sibley said he was a victim of sexual assault, when his childhood neighbour lured him into his home with lollies before sexually abusing him as a boy.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said it was obvious "effort went into this" and it was "very serious" he was on the roof that night.

Krause was sentenced to six months' jail, suspended for 12 months.

He was also ordered no contact with the family involved for two years.