Damien John Grace, 40, was likened to popular video game character, Donkey Kong after a bizarre rampage.
Damien John Grace, 40, was likened to popular video game character, Donkey Kong after a bizarre rampage.

On like Donkey Kong: Drug-crazed dad’s lunatic rampage

A DRUG-crazed father had to be repeatedly blasted with a taser and tackled to the ground in a "Donkey Kong-style" street rampage that terrified drivers and police.

Daniel Grace, 40, was "off his head on drugs" when he ran at police officers with a wheelie bin raised over his head, immune to three taser shocks, in his "lunatic" state.

Grace caught the attention of police when he was witnessed screaming at passing cars, putting tree branches in their path and even punching off a car's side mirror on October 22.

He picked up a rock and slammed it on the ground before hoisting a wheelie bin over his head and charging at police.

Police prosecutor Phillip Stephens likened his angry state to popular video game character, Donkey Kong.

Tasers were no match for Grace who reached out, grabbed the device and broke it in his grasp.

"You were a lunatic attacking the world," magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said.

"While no harm came to the police officers they were quite concerned for their safety."

It was this immense fear that warranted Grace's serious assault on police charge, Mr McLaughlin said.

Weeks earlier, Grace caused significant damage to a Pacific Paradise hotel when he fought with security guards in the pokies area on October 5.

He was arrested, but refused to go to hospital when police found him lapsing in and out of consciousness outside the venue.

Grace was handcuffed when he started lashing out at police saying he had broken his back.

"What a stoned idiot you were … you put on a turn," Mr McLaughlin said.

"Sounds like a man completely off his head on methamphetamines."

Grace, who had spent 90 days locked up since the incidents, pleaded guilty at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Tuesday to 12 charges including seriously assaulting a police officer, obstructing a police officer and public nuisance.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Ygoa-McKeown said Grace's assault was at the "lower end" of the scale.

He said Grace's main motivation was his son, who was in family care while he was in jail.

"He feels like he has let down his family," Mr Ygoa-McKeown said.

The tradesman told his lawyer that jail had detoxed him and he was eager to get better.

Mr McLaughlin said Grace's persistent offending across October was most concerning.

"It's quite bizarre behaviour," he said.

Grace was released from jail today taking into account 90 days pre-sentence custody.

Convictions were recorded.