Brad Pitt stars in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Supplied by Sony Pictures.
Brad Pitt stars in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Supplied by Sony Pictures. Andrew Cooper

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a review

TARANTINO films are like romantic relationships from the past - the memory of them is way more enjoyable than the actual experience.

So I entered the cinema with trepidation and a big glass of red.

'It's two hours and 50 minutes' the cinema manager told me before adding some more red to my glass... 'You better be prepared'.

And just like those romantic relationships from the past, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half and detested the second.

The film has countless positives: most of the acting is superb, the 1970s Hollywood nostalgia is on point, and the script is actually OK. But...

There are some things I cannot forgive about that film: making people that are dead look like arrogant idiots, making pointless directorial decisions in the film just to remind the audience it's 'a Tarantino film', and I finished that diabolically big glass of wine and there was still some really violent stuff happening on the screen... so I had to endure it without wine support and that's just plain evil.


What stood out? The idea of a cigarette dipped in LSD and shirtless 55 year old Brad Pitt fixing an antenna up on the roof were the definitive take-outs of this film, possibly Tarantino's last, if he is loyal to his word.

Go watch the film, cinema is a deeply personal experience, but read about what really happened first and keep in mind this is only fantasy... because the truth in this case was way more awful than the cinematic experience.

This is, to be completely honest, the coolest film you will see this year. Not the best, but by far the coolest.