WATERWISE: This is what 160L of water looks like - the new water wise goal for Rous LGA residents.
WATERWISE: This is what 160L of water looks like - the new water wise goal for Rous LGA residents. Louise Beaumont

'One dry summer' away from water restrictions

ROUS County Council has warned that its LGA is one dry summer away from level one water restrictions.

In lieu of National Water Week, the council is urging its residents to be more water wise, with the target of 160 litres per person, per day.

The area currently uses about 194 litres per resident, per day.

National Water Week is held from October 21 to 27, and across the Northern Rivers residents have reduced their water use by 45 per cent since the 1990s, according to council.

"The region's residents have a commendable track record of using water sustainably, especially in dry periods," Rous County Council General Manager Phillip Rudd said.

"Yet we believe further efficiency is achievable.

"Despite Rocky Creek Dam being relatively full, with our current and forecast consumption we're only one dry summer away from water restrictions," Mr Rudd said.

The dam is currently at 86 per cent capacity, and level one water restrictions usually start when the dam reaches 60 per cent, though this can change depending on long-term forecasts.

97 per cent of NSW is in a state of drought and Casino already faces level three water restrictions.

With level one restrictions, residents are not allowed to: use standard sprinklers and watering systems at any time; leave hoses running unattended; wash vehicles and buildings with a hose that isn't fitted with a trigger nozzle or high pressure cleaning equipment; and clean hard surfaces such as paths, driveways and paved areas with a hose as part of general clean.

This year's National Water Week theme is 'It's time to change the world', and Rous Council has developed nine 'neat ways to save water' (pictured).

"Water is a precious resource ... we all have an obligation to act responsibly with water," Mr Rudd said.