Andy Semple was to stand for the Gold Coast seat of Currumbin for One Nation.
Andy Semple was to stand for the Gold Coast seat of Currumbin for One Nation. Annette Dew

One Nation candidate quits when told to delete tweet

PAULINE Hanson has lost a state election candidate just days after announcing her team to take on Labor and the LNP.

Andy Semple, who was meant to run for Pauline Hanson's One Nation in the seat of Currumbin, currently held by the LNP, announced on Twitter last night he had withdrawn his candidacy.

"It seems #PHON only likes certain types of freedom of expression," he tweeted.

Ms Hanson officially announced his candidacy, along with 35 others, on Sunday.

Mr Semple, a financial advisor, has been outspoken in Twitter criticising Muslims, women with hairy armpits and vegetarians.

He defended his comments in an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, however, insisting he would not be suffocated by political correctness.

"I say on my Twitter feed that political correctness stops here. I'm sick of the BS. I'm not going out of my way to say this person is a mongrel. I'm just tweeting my opinions - people either like what I say or don't like it," he told the paper in an interview published today.

"As for what I have tweeted over many years - that's my opinion and sure some poor snowflake out there won't like what I have to say," he said.

"But by God as a free Australian I have a right to express my opinions and its quite pathetic that the ALP and LNP think they can score some win because of something I have tweeted in the past."

PHON state and national secretary - and candidate for Lockyer - Jim Savage said Mr Semple withdrew as a candidate last night after he was contacted and sked him to remove an "inappropriate" tweet.

"I became aware last night that he had tweeted something that we considered inappropriate for the standards One Nation likes to set," Mr Savage said.

"I asked him to remove it immediately."

Mr Savage said Mr Semple was unhappy with the request.

"As a result he is no longer a candidate," he said.

Mr Savage said the tweet involved an "inappropriate comment about an LGBTI joke."

He said he took full responsibility as he was responsible for preselecting Mr Semple.

"I was the man who interviewed this gentleman and it got past me. I wish him all the best.

"This one got past me. I'll take a kick in the backside for that."

A new candidate is not expected to be selected to replace Mr Semple until after Christmas.

- The Courier-Mail