Bonds says he wants to a voice for Australians
Bonds says he wants to a voice for Australians

One Nation’s newest candidate: ‘Shut the borders’

ONE Nation's candidate for the federal seat of Hunter online profile sattes: 'Rule Number 1: F**k what they think'.

Posing in his underwear, revealing his muscular physique and anarchy tattoos, Stuart Bonds promotes his ideology on social media saying 'a revolution' is coming to this country and that we must 'put sanity back into the conversation'.

One Nation candidate Stuart Bonds twitter profile
One Nation candidate Stuart Bonds twitter profile

In a rambling Facebook video posted on March 28, Bonds responds to the NRA secret footage saying, 'The $20 million dollar thing? no, no, no, no they edited it and edited it.

'The thing about politics is that people give you money and you make them a promise and when you get in, you make good on that deal.

'No one likes the fact that two of Ms Hanson's party went over and were talking about what $20 million dollars can do.

'It shouldn't be shocking that this was spoken about. What is shocking is that this is a pay for play system. I don't like it but this is the reality the way it works.

'As the guys from One Nation said, yeah for $20 million you can buy a senate seat, advertising, smear campaigns, anything you want. But it's not their fault for saying that. A little bit of honesty comes out and people just recoil, but if you look behind the scenes this is the truth, its been happening for a long time.

Bonds beileves a ‘a revolution’ is coming to this country’
Bonds beileves a ‘a revolution’ is coming to this country’


In another Facebook post, Bonds recites his candidacy speech saying,

'I hardly recognise the country I grew up in anymore. All the factories our parents worked in have closed and relocated to China.

He goes on, "You cant find anything that's not made in China.'

And regarding Australia's immigration policy, "We are being demographically replaced by people of the third world.

"We can shut those borders, we can stem the flow of people coming in.

He concludes, "I intend to go to Canberra and attack the heart of the dragon - the corrupt corporations and politicians that have sold this nation out.

He ends, 'Beware of the wounded tiger."


Bonds says ‘we are being demographically replaced by people of the third world’.
Bonds says ‘we are being demographically replaced by people of the third world’.

Bonds has never been shy of the camera, appearing on Channel 7, the ABC and various online social media channels.

Originally from Camden, Bonds is a fitter machinist by trade, works in the mines and runs a cattle farm outside Singleton.

His wife Sini Ariell, runs a tattoo business called Anarchy Ink Australia in Singleton. She originally modelled in her native Finland and has previously spoken about going from a celebrity status in home country to living in rural NSW.

"When it was the first proper year that I was living here, I did have bad depression of 'did I make a smart decision', and 'what am I', what's my identity now that I don't have those labels of me'," Ms Ariell told the ABC.


Stuart Bonds and wife Sini Ariell
Stuart Bonds and wife Sini Ariell


The couple appeared on Channel 7's show Australia's cheapest Weddings in 2016, revealing the total cost of the ceremony was just $300 and the reception $400.

The couple have a YouTube channel that captures some of the most private moments in their lives.

A video uploaded to The Bonds Family 007 on 11 Feb. 2017, Bonds is filmed by his wife as she hands him a positive pregnancy test.

Bonds reacts by saying, "Our f**king lives and dreams are over" and "F**k, I've seen some lines in my life, but that line is horrible." He continues laughing, "It's like getting drug tested at work and you're like f**k, please don't come up, please don't come up."

In another video posted to YouTube, Bonds reacts just after his wife gives birth saying, "F** that thing is ugly, like a demon, a little alien baby," and he disagrees that you experience this amazing feeling of love after your child is born, saying "that's bulls**t, that's a lie. Well it was for me anyway."

In a One Nation statement released this week, Bonds said he wants to step up and be a voice for Australians who 'feel their issues and circumstances are being ignored by major political paries.'

'This isn't a job that can be subcontracted out, there is just nobody else in our area willing to stand up for us in the Hunter, so I decided I have to do it,' Mr Bonds said in the statement.