Bypass now action group. 06 DEC 2018
Bypass now action group. 06 DEC 2018 Trevor Veale

Open cut bypass campaigner threatened

THREATS have been made towards a woman who appeared on the front page of the Advocate in support of the current bypass proposal with cuttings.

On Friday evening after the story appeared online Barbara Davis received a call from a man at around 6pm.

"It upset me to start with but then I kept my cool," Mrs Davis said. 

"He said 'do you realise the work we've put into this' and I said 'yes I do and look, don't take that attitude with me.  That's why we are so lucky to live in a country like Australia so we can have different opinions but still get along and if you get this changed (tunnels instead of cuttings) well good luck to you',"

As the conversation progressed Mrs Davis said the caller got angrier and she felt threatened when he said:

"If I don't get you, I hope the noise of the trucks kill you."

A friend encouraged her to report it to the police as a precaution.

"They said they would record it and if in the future something happens to let them know."

Mrs Davis has been in contact with Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker as she and some of her neighbours develop the Coffs Harbour Bypass Now Action Group.

Members of the group living along Aubrey Close adjacent to the highway have erected banners reading: 'Give us open cut' in large red letters.

The day after the threatening phone call Mr Hartsuyker's office released a statement calling for a rational debate on the matter.

"Some players have been over the top in the language used about the plan as it currently stands, and I believe that the highly emotive nature of the debate has contributed to this nasty incident.

"According to my set of values death threats are an absolutely inappropriate way to conduct a debate."