OPINION: Boy in the paddy wagon didn’t deserve to be there

THE insinuation an eight year old boy "deserved" to be locked up in a police paddy wagon for a few hours in order to teach him a lesson doesn't pass muster with me.

There are plenty of other ways to correct bad behaviour without incarcerating a boy of such a tender age in the back of a hot vehicle.

Imagine the public backlash if either you or I left a young child locked in a car for that long.

Our front page on Saturday and online treatment of the story of a little boy who was detained by police for throwing rocks and eggs at a council car has certainly stirred up a hornet's nest.

I believe in the saying "two wrongs don't make a right".

Mundhra and his mates may have been doing a bad thing, but by locking him up in a paddy wagon for three hours, the punishment certainly outweighed the original misdemeanour.

Police must surely have fairly strict guidelines about who they can and can't lock up in a vehicle for that long.

Quite apart from anything else, there's a safety issue at stake here.

Not to mention all the inquiries that have occurred into Aboriginal deaths in custody.

You would hope we had learned some lessons from history.

As disappointing as the comments in the aftermath of the incident have been, so is the fact this happened in the first place.

It just feels wrong on so many levels.