DUN-DEAL: Chris Hemsworth in the Dundee Movie official trailer 2018.
DUN-DEAL: Chris Hemsworth in the Dundee Movie official trailer 2018. Dundee Movie

OPINION: Byron must reclaim the Dundee legend

THE film world is abuzz with the new Crocodile Dundee movie. Even US President Donald Trump has tweeted about it after seeing the latest Dundee-inspired Tourism Australia ad that aired during the Superbowl broadcast.

"Not gonna lie, Kenny Powers as Crocodile Dundee would be the best thing to come out of Hollywood in decades," the US Head of State tweeted right after the ad aired.

So, of course social media types world-wide are running around like headless chooks hashtagging #dundeemovie and that's because Crocodile Dundee is the most successful Aussie brand, media icon and influencer inside and outside the country, closely followed by Northern Rivers resident and Hollywood leading man Chris Hemsworth.

So it falls to us here at the Byron Shire News to demand Australia reclaims the legend of Mick Dundee and state here and now that any further Crocodile Dundee films must be made here in Byron Shire and star the aforementioned Chris Hemsworth.

I mean, it just makes sense.

I've heard a whisper that Hemsworth lives round here somewhere (keep that under your Akubra) so he could walk to work in the morning and be home after the day's filming wraps up in time for a late surf, get the bins out on Wednesday night and put his feet up in front of the telly in time for 7.30.

The shire has an endless supply of stunning scenery and we have more film industry types lounging around in our cafes sipping turmeric lattes than you can poke a stick at. I hear a few of the blokes involved in the first couple of Dundee movies live locally as well.

Put that all together and we could knock the thing over in a couple of weeks.

Come on Byron, extract the digit and make it happen. #ByronDundee