OPINION: Census gets a good kicking

SINCE when has the Census become a political football?

This crucial data collection has been going 100 years or more without too much fuss - until now.

Counting things just shouldn't be this controversial and largely above politics.

And I can't quite believe a couple of months after its re-election that the Turnbull Government is mired in something that should be an automatic pass.

The Census is the foundation document for the future running of the country.

To have people talk about boycotting it, or not putting their name on it, is just plain silly.

The main sticking points seem to be about privacy and the protection and storage of data.

Granted, with the number of hacking leaks in recent years, that may make some people nervous.

But ask yourself how many times do you give out basic information about where you live, your date of birth and your contact details to less secure organisations than the Bureau of Statistics.

Just yesterday I handed those over at the doctor's surgery and received an email from my child's school. So both these organisations have an electronic record of me.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the Census will be completed and forgotten about again for the next five years.

But the information you have provided will shape where and how and what services are needed right across the country.