Christmas tree.
Christmas tree. Nicholas Falconer

Opinion: Christmas is just another day of the year

THE world won't come to an end on December 25, so why each year do we get more manic in our behaviour in the lead-up to Christmas?

All the stress that goes into thinking everything has to be done by Christmas never ceases to amaze me.

Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year, but all of the shops will be open again on Saturday for the big Boxing Day sales and by Monday office workers will be reporting for duty again.

So why all the fuss for that ONE day of the year?

Yes, you have to be stocked up with food, wine and presents, but pretty much it is business as usual these days.

You will probably even find a supermarket or two open on Christmas morning; if not a servo or corner store.

The 'Christmas shutdown' is not what it used to be.

My parents used to prepare for Christmas like to they were bunkering down for the London Blitz.

Suddenly tins of spam appeared everywhere along with meals that would feed a small army for weeks.

Fear not, worry not. Apart from having trouble finding a tradie for about two weeks, there's very little reason to get hyper this festive season.

And here is my tip: plan work around your house in line with the start-up date for most tradies.

They are often short of work in January and don't mind booking in projects to start the year.

Imagine how good you will feel when you start the year in such a positive way instead of worrying about a non-existent drop dead date like Christmas.