OPINION: Elections are boring... to some

SOMEONE in our office said they were already sick of the election.

That's saying something, because a date for the next federal election hasn't even been set.

This person was just voicing what a lot of people think - politics is boring.

Not for me. I love it. And I can't wait for the election campaign to be in full swing.

In many ways, it already is, with conga lines of politicians falling over themselves to visit us.

Must be because Page is a seat Labor thinks it can win back from the Nats.

Sitting Nats MP Kevin Hogan will renew his rivalry with former Labor member Janelle Saffin.

And teen Green Kudra Falla-Ricketts should liven them both up.

Party hacks are poised over their keyboards desperately typing up letters to the editor in order to further their candidate's cause.

A couple of themes in the race for Page have already emerged: Hogan has only just begun to spend his way out of trouble; Saffin is yesterday's hero and doesn't deserve another go; and Falla-Ricketts is already being written off as too young to know too much.

The Greens and how their preferences fall could prove crucial in Page at the next election.

And there really isn't a single "smoking gun" election issue that is going to conquer all. Not like CSG at the last State election.

It's definitely going to be an old fashioned campaign along the traditional health, education, employment, law and order, social and capital infrastructure lines.