OPINION: Hey killer idiot, just think before you floor it

IT'S scary how single moment of aggressive impatience on our roads can potentially kill innocent people.

I witnessed such a close call recently while driving to Lismore along Bangalow Rd.

Regular users of this 30km road know there is only one opportunity to overtake in each direction.

Impatient drivers know it's their only chance to overtake and can engage in risky behaviour as a result.

Not me. With my young children in the car after a four hour drive from the Sunshine Coast, I was keen to cruise.

So when I arrived at the overtaking section halfway between Bangalow and Clunes, it wasn't surprising that the orange rigid truck behind me was quick to accelerate past.

What shocked me was when moments later a white Commodore emerged and sped to overtake me and the truck as well - within metres of the two lanes merging.

The speeding idiot had to cross double lines to complete the overtake - missing an oncoming car by a split second.

I had meanwhile slowed to a crawl about 30m from what I thought moments seconds earlier was going to be a scene of bloody devastation.

If it had ended like that I would have been able to stop easily in time. My children would be fine, I would be fine - but I would have been the first on the scene of a horrific high-speed head on.

But the worst luck awaited that person coming in the other direction. Wrong place, wrong time, and straight into the path of a driver stupid and selfish enough to kill.