Gatton Star editor Ali Kuchel with toilet paper.
Gatton Star editor Ali Kuchel with toilet paper. Contributed

OPINION: How long a pack of loo paper should last you

TOILET paper is appearing back on supermarket shelves as panic shopping subsides, but it had me thinking - just how long should a packet of butt rub last?

According to, most people will need to visit the throne about six to seven times a day in a 24-hour period.

Obviously, there's always different circumstances, if you've had too much curry, or got gastro or whatnot.

Let's work from a 24 packet of Quilton toilet paper - that's 24 rolls, the generous three ply at 180 sheets per roll.

I'm not good at math, it's far from my strong point, but with my trusty calculator this is what I came up with.

In a 24 pack of toilet paper, there are 4320 sheets.

If the average person uses 10 squares per visit, that's 70 squares per day.

In a week, that's 490 squares of toilet paper, or about 2.7 rolls a week.

Based on the weekly tally, it would take just under 11 weeks for one person to use an entire packet of 24 rolls of toilet paper (provided they didn't get gastro).

And that's provided you are at home 24/7 and not using toilet paper at work or public rest rooms.

To use the entire packet in a week, you'd have to go to the toilet 61.7 times a day.

Now, based on a family, let's say four people, with the same numbers, it would take a little less than two and a half weeks to use a 24 packet.

For a single person if you panic bought five packets of 24 rolls of toilet paper, you'd be looking at almost a year's supply(10.28 months) of toilet paper - provided you had no guests who used your toilet.

This isn't taking into account if you're a scruncher or a folder. That's a whole different ballpark.

Besides the humour, I understand people are stressed and panicked about the situation - we all are.

But stressing and panicking about the situation will only make matters worse.

Yes, times are changing, we are cooped up in our homes (using more toilet paper than usual) with not much to do, but its short-term pain for long-term gain.

We've seen already that Queensland's daily tally of detected cases is declining. Our social distancing and protective measures are working - and we need to keep at this to ensure everyone's safety.

If you don't give two shits about catching coronavirus, perhaps give one for those who are worried.