NOT HAPPY JAN: Should there be a 'dislike' button on social media platforms?
NOT HAPPY JAN: Should there be a 'dislike' button on social media platforms? zakokor

OPINION: I'm 'Insta angry' at music record labels

FOR those, like me, who use Instagram to share family photos with relatives overseas, instead of as a business platform, this week had a bitter sound (or taste). A series of notifications in my feed alerted me of the fact that a number of short 30-second videos had been removed and blocked from my feed.

"Your video was blocked because it may contain content owned by Warner Music Group Rights Management," read one of them.

There was another one right next to it by Sony Music Entertainment from earlier that same morning.

I respect the fact that record labels want to protect their products from misuse online.

At the same time, record labels are deleting (or blocking) family memories that my children and me could always associate with the music they contained.

The video of my daughter doing 'the robot dance' to Daft Punk is gone from the social media platform, and now from my memory, and I wonder how many precious memories associated with their brands they are removing from the cyberspace.

The second video blocked the same day was a short memory of the psychedelic bus at Mullum Music Festival 2017 (took them a while). The short video had Chic's Le Freak blaring and people were having a great time while going to another music venue. A great family memory gone.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the move to block all video content that contains their music is the equivalent of branding suicide.

Record labels, please don't delete our family memories online, you'll delete your brands in the process.