Wyrallah Road on the way to Woodburn has a few grassy issues.
Wyrallah Road on the way to Woodburn has a few grassy issues. Samantha Elley

Opinion: Is Wyrallah Road the worst road on the Northern Rivers?

IN MY 30+ years of driving, I have travelled many highways and byways, including driving on the other side of the road overseas.

I love driving, it’s cathartic and one of the few places I get to think and process my thoughts.

The added bonus I have each morning in my 30-minute commute to The Northern Star office from Woodburn is the beautiful rural views of the Northern Rivers.

It certainly beats my two-hour commute I used to have when I lived on the Central Coast and worked in the heart of Sydney.

Then, however, there is Wyrallah Road.

Anyone who has travelled the bumps, cracks and potholes of the main road between Lismore and Woodburn will understand what I am talking about.

Each morning and afternoon as I drive, I have actually turned it into a game, to see if I can avoid the bumpier parts of the road and how smooth a trip I can achieve.

I am surprised that so many cars travelling the road haven’t killed the grass growing in the cracks of the bitumen, but I guess if it’s growing there in the first place, it’s pretty hardy grass.

When we first arrived on the Northern Rivers, our old car had low profile tyres but these soon proved to be inadequate and we replaced them.

We have since upgraded the whole vehicle with an all-wheel drive but the trip is still bumpy.

Knowing Lismore Council has budgeted over $20m to help maintain and repair roads, I look forward to and hope for a much smoother, non-grassy trip.