OPINION: NBN should stand for Not Better Network


THE date is September 29, 2018. D-Day.

It's also my father's birthday, the conduit for my experience and career in telecommunications with Telstra.

The roll-out of the National Broadband Network, which I've dubbed the Not Better Network, is complete across the Northern Rivers.

Is it really much better?

My prediction, and the informed opinion of many others involved in the telecommunications industry, is, 'it's not what you expected.'

Coupling ultra-high-speed optic fibre and feeding it into a decayed, aged copper network, doesn't, and never will, equate to a reliable, First-World internet service.

Across the entire Northern Rivers and the entire nation, especially in rural areas, Telstra Linesmen and contractors are continually fixing faults in the network, which is still primarily slow data transmitting copper cable.

Many of my daily jobs were faults, not installations, especially after heavy rain or wild weather.

Before arriving, I would locate the job on the map, which would assist in determining the type of fault, before locating it.

From flooded pits and sodden copper cables, to lightning strikes and verdigris, (corrosion) on phone sockets in beachfront houses, these were the common problems with a network that still has many of the same issues.

Not to mention rogue offenders, who access pits and set fire to cables, crippling the phone and internet network across a widespread area.

Malcolm Turnbull is an educated man, who I know understands, but won't admit what a total waste of money the Not Better Network will be for the nation.

He knows he should be rolling out the National Broadband Network, with fibre to the home, rather than the Not Better Network, with fibre to, in many cases the Node.

A central connection point that feeds many residences, the Node can be kilometres from homes that are connected by continuously patched up copper cables which are, in many cases, decades old.

It's like funnelling kilolitres of water into a dam and letting it drain out through kilometres of old PVC pipe, littered with holes.

Mr Turnbull,

As your red-headed female nemesis, who is continually gaining social media attention as the campaign rolls on, famously says, 'Please explain?"