A protester screams at police at The Doubtful Creek CSG mining site.
A protester screams at police at The Doubtful Creek CSG mining site. Patrick Gorbunovs

OPINION: Stand up to Coalition bully boys on CSG

MAYBE some politicians didn't get the message - the Northern Rivers doesn't want CSG now or ever.

It seems Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts and his department didn't get that message.

Instead they have been flogging the merits of the Northern Rivers and its CSG to potential investors overseas.

Roberts is the Liberal member for Lane Cove in Sydney.

There's probably no CSG in Lane Cove, but if there was, I bet Mr Roberts would lose his seat if the government allowed mining in Lane Cove National Park, for example.

Mr Roberts, if you wouldn't allow mining in your backyard, why are you still flogging that possibility on the Northern Rivers?

Regional areas are not like deserts, people live here, people pay taxes and vote just like the rest of NSW.

Just because there is a bit of open space, doesn't mean you are entitled to flog it off to the highest bidder.

Our local elected representatives in state parliament need to stand up to the bully boys in their own Coalition and say 'enough's enough, no CSG in our patch'.

Surely we didn't spend millions of dollars buying back CSG licences only to re-issue them to someone else down the track?

Geoff Provest, Thomas George and Chris Gulaptis, it is time to earn your pay cheques and ensure the Liberals in your Coalition know the Northern Rivers is off limits to CSG miners.