OPINION: We all need to ask candidates hard questions

I'M glad that Casino's Jill Lyons and GetUp have organised a forum for the four candidates contesting the seat of Page in Lismore on June 7 because they need to answer some tough questions.

Like why a baby boy born here in 2014 is expected to live nearly five years less than a baby born in North Sydney?

Why 376 melanoma cases are expected to be diagnosed in our local health district this year compared with 209 people in Sydney?

Why there is a $155m backlog of road maintenance in this area when our fuel taxes are meant to be spent on fixing them?

Why, when we have such a mental health problem, was there only six full-time psychiatrists in this area compared with Brisbane's 16?

Why we are expected to accept a second-rate NBN to the rest of the country?

Why isn't the government and opposition pushing harder to make this region a leader in the hemp and solar energy markets?

Most of these issues have been raised as part of this newspaper's Fair Go campaign which has seen all of APN's papers join forces with News Ltd as well.

Some fairly high profile politicians have backed the campaign including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former deputy PM Warren Truss.

Not one candidate in the seat of Page has backed Fair Go.

The sitting member, Kevin Hogan, has been briefed on it but Labor, Greens and the Christian Democrats candidates haven't shown any interest so far.

You have to wonder why. Don't they think it's important?