Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick
Northern Star editor, David Kirkpatrick

OPINION: What's next for shark measures?

WE are on the verge of another summer swimming season and still seem no further along with solutions for our shark problem.

It's been a vexed issue and one that seems to divide public opinion like no other.

Everyone seems to have an opinion and they range radically from leave sharks alone to kill them and reduce their number.

We've conducted a few polls on the introduction of shark protection measures and regularly a slight majority of our readers fall into the category of minimal intervention rather than outright culling.

But now that the centrepiece of the NSW Government's shark protection measures for the Northern Rivers, eco barrier trials, has failed, what next?

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We are heading into another summer without any tangible protections in place. Sure, we are tagging and monitoring them better than ever, but that won't stop them from biting surfers, as we've found out.

Has public opinion shifted? Do we now cave in to the calls from those north and south of us and introduce proper netting and drum lines?

Would that make us any safer? Can we even do it when some species of sharks are protected in NSW?

These are some of the questions and answers you'll be seeing in these pages over the coming weeks and months as this debate over sharks continues.