HEALTHY HABIT: It’s vital to brush teeth regularly.
HEALTHY HABIT: It’s vital to brush teeth regularly. Tony Martin

Maintaining good oral health gets harder as you get older

EVEN if you brush and floss regularly, you may face certain issues in your senior years when it comes to your oral health.

Taking medications and general health conditions are some of the issues many seniors face.

When gums recede, even slightly, they can expose the roots of the teeth, which are much more susceptible to dental decay.

As seniors have a higher occurrence of gum recession, proper oral hygiene using fluoride toothpaste is vital to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Decay around old fillings, called secondary or recurrent decay, can also occur more frequently in seniors, especially those with multiple dental fillings or fillings that have been in place for many years.

Again, proper oral hygiene with the use of fluoride toothpaste is the first line of defence in prevention.

Sensitivity can also be an increasing and annoying problem as one ages. A minimum of an annual check-up is recommended, especially seniors.