Lismore Symphony Orchestra is formed by 45 musicians from Northern NSW.
Lismore Symphony Orchestra is formed by 45 musicians from Northern NSW.

Orchestra’s novel way to play music to the masses

THE Lismore Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will be offering free music performances from November called the ‘LSO Presents Series’.

The series will be 20 to 30-minute live performances available online, free of charge.

The music ensemble will not be able to offer a full-scale show with all 45 musicians on stage, but instead will deliver smaller performances recorded live at SCU.

The orchestra president Joshua Booyens said musicians from all around Northern NSW have only been able to meet socially for the last couple of months, are looking forward to performing again, even without a live audience.

LSO started a fundraising campaign via GoFundMe, with a goal of $10,000.

“For us to continue to bring good quality music to Northern Rivers audiences, we need to raise the money that we would have otherwise had obtained through ticket sales,” he said.

“This campaign is in lieu of us being able to perform live, but still trying to bring performance to our audiences.”

Mr Booyens said the LSO Presents Series will start in mid to late November, featuring the LSO String Quartet and other small groups of musicians.

The digital streaming will be free, and audiences will be able to donate directly to make further performances possible.

Last March, LSO was about to present a series of very important live music performances.

“Our goal is to be NSW’s premier regional symphony orchestra,” Mr Booyens said.

“We work closely with members of the Brisbane Youth Orchestra and professional musicians who play with the Sydney Symphony who live in the area.

Lismore Symphony Orchestra at a recent performance.
Lismore Symphony Orchestra at a recent performance.

“We were on track to present a fantastic performance at the highest standards in the 14 years of the existence of the orchestra, and two weeks beforehand the world shut down and we had to cancel everything, so we had to pivot into trying to do something else”

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