ORGANIC HOLIDAY: The site of a Coorabell organic farm which has plans for six cabins for tourists.
ORGANIC HOLIDAY: The site of a Coorabell organic farm which has plans for six cabins for tourists.

Organic holiday experience proposed for Coorabell farm

A COORABELL organic farm has plans to give tourists a hands-on holiday experience.

Conscious Ground Organics has lodged a Development Application with Byron Shire Council to build six one-bedroom cabins, each accommodating two adults, and a communal building for the 37.17ha site at James View Crt.

The owners hired Balanced Systems Planning Consultants to prepare the Development Application.

"The proposed rural tourist accommodation facility will provide visitors an experience of a working organic fruit and beef farm that practices regenerative farming practices," the consultants wrote in the application to council.

"Visitors can experience the farm and the property in several ways, including being involved in fruit harvesting, horse rides or walks throughout the property and other rural activities on the property including ecological regeneration.

"Landscaping proposed around the cabins will also reflect food forest systems to provide fresh fruit for visitors as well as educational purposes."

Conscious Ground Organics has cattle, goats and chickens, and extensive organic orchards producing lychees, longans, mangoes, citrus and jaboticaba and more.

The consultants write that Conscious Ground Organics is "dedicated to sustainable production methods that includes regeneration natural systems of the land and also by providing healthy, affordable farm produce for the local community."

In that vein, "the proposal is considered to result in a suitable rural development, that protects agricultural land, promotes regenerative organic farming and provides additional accommodation and tourism opportunities that complements the amenity and character of the rural property."

Included in the proposal is associated vehicle access via Myocum Rd and seven car parking spaces, along with a"substantial ecological enhancement works program."

The consultants note that the site is surrounded by existing small-scale rural tourist accommodation facilities, a coffee orchard and cattle farm.