The Osprey pair content in their new home.
The Osprey pair content in their new home. Contributed

Osprey nest recieves make-over

AN osprey nest at Evans Head has received a make-over meaning it is now safer for the birds with a reduced risk of fire damage to the sports field’s light pole.

Essential Energy and the National Parks and Wildlife Service raised the nest three metres onto a specially designed nest basket during a relocating operation at the Evans Head sports field.

Richmond River Area Ranger Andy Fay said the placement of the nest had been putting the birds in danger.

“The ospreys had built their nest directly on the cross bar between the high voltage lights creating a potential fire hazard because the sticks and twigs used as the nesting material were highly combustible,” he said.

“The Essential Energy staff from Woodburn and Ballina used a cherry picker to relocate the nest away from the hazard.

“They removed the nest from its original location and fixed the it onto the new basket before bolting the now-raised nest pole back on top of the light pole.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service designed and built the new nest basket, which is made of galvanised steel so that the birds can easily perch, eat their fish and feed their young in relative safety. 

“Ospreys prefer to make nests in tall dead ‘stag’ trees. However these are now in short supply, especially in coastal areas”, Mr Fay said.

Mr Fay praised the efforts of Essential Energy staff.

The ospreys were back using the new nest the same day, adding sticks to it and defending their new territory.