Barry O'Sullivan is leading the charge against a bill that would legalise abortions.
Barry O'Sullivan is leading the charge against a bill that would legalise abortions.

Toowoomba senator hits out at 'barbaric' abortion bill

SENATOR Barry O'Sullivan has outlined the "barbaric way" babies will be killed in a passionate argument against a bill that would legalise abortions.

He is bankrolling buses from Toowoomba to Brisbane in the hope people power can defeat what he called an "uncivilised" bill.

Mr O'Sullivan said while as a federal politician he was cautious about engaging in Queensland politics, he was enlivened about the issue.

"This law will wipe out 117 years of stable legal principal, making abortions completely not subject to any rule of law," he said.

The Toowoomba-based politician said there was evidence to show the right to abortions was being abused in Victoria.

He said parents were aborting babies to choose genders and for economic reasons.

"These are very barbaric late term procedures where in another two minutes, they'd (babies) be alive.

"The procedure involves the severing of babies spines and suction equipment is used to remove babies' brains.

"We live in a world dominated by political correctness and people are frightened to speak their minds, but I'm not,' he said.

Mr O'Sullivan, who has joined political action group Australian Christian Lobby and church groups in his crusade against the bill, said many people in Toowoomba were seriously concerned by the bill.

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He said it wasn't an issue about women's' choice.

"In a civilised society we cannot start aborting our young because we don't like they colour of their eyes or if they have a gene which could make them fat.

"That's what we're trying to stop."