Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue AAP

Our Kylie stars in French film

KYLIE Minogue's sparkling career has taken her from Neighbours to Nick Cave, with detours into Doctor Who - where she played an intergalactic waitress keen to see the stars - and The Magic Roundabout, demonstrating that our Kyles is up for anything.

Her most bizarre turn yet, however, must be her appearance in a Cannes Film Festival entry variously rated "completely bonkers" and "certifiably nuts".

Holy Motors, by French director Leos Carax, describes the journey of an actor called Oscar, played by Denis Lavant, who takes a drive through the streets of Paris that is also, apparently, a journey through his imaginative or, perhaps, his professional life.

In a series of vignettes, he dons a disguise and gets out of the car to engage in a scene with passing characters. He may be an assassin, a Romany woman or a satyr who surfaces from the sewers of Paris to abduct a woman whose hair he then tries to eat. These interludes may - or may not - allude to Carax's previous films or to other films he likes.

One of the encounters is with Minogue, who, in a gamine blonde wig and short raincoat, appears to have walked straight out of classic French musical of the '60s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. She performs a musical number - in French and English - then hurls herself from an abandoned department store's roof.

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