Ulmarra speed camera: The worst speed trap by a country mile
Ulmarra speed camera: The worst speed trap by a country mile

OUR SAY: Ulmarra still set to lose out

IT'S the speed camera that's earned the NSW State Government more than $1million in six months.

Yet the community which fought so hard for it is unlikely to see a cent - and I'd like to know why.

Despite proving to politicians, RMS and armchair critics that a fixed speed camera, among many other safety measures, would be an effective deterrent for speeding motorists, I can't help but feel this community has been given the short end of the stick once again.

Consider the cost over the years of replacing front yards, lounge rooms, verandas, even re-wiring an entire house after a vehicle hit a pole and took the electrical wires with it, all because each crash was viewed as 'unlucky' or a 'one-off'.

Pity residents couldn't have established a toll with this new camera to recoup the thousands of dollars in losses for the years of being ignored.

I well understand this new income stream shouldn't be sequestered to Ulmarra village, but surely given the decades of unnecessary trauma inflicted on this community, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a small percentage of that revenue be reserved for our region?

I suspect we'll find out if the NSW Government has any respect for its new North Coast piggy bank the next time our local member comes calling for funds to fix a section of the soon-to-be Old Pacific Highway, Ulmarra.