An impaled echidna in Mount Low, Townsville. Picture: Kim Williamson‎
An impaled echidna in Mount Low, Townsville. Picture: Kim Williamson‎

Outrage as echidna impaled on post

THE shocking treatment of an echidna on a Townsville road has led to community outrage.

Kim Williamson reportedly found the animal impaled on a roadside post on North Shore Blvd today.

She went public on social media in the hope of finding the person who did it.

"Someone picked up this poor defenceless animal and stuck it up on this," she wrote on a popular Townsville social media page dedicated to reporting crimes.

"It has died a horrible death trying to get itself off.

"I would like to find the person or people responsible for this."

She said the animal was found on the road close to Bushland Beach.

Ms Williamson said she took the animal to the Tropical Vets North Shore.

A spokesman from the veterinary surgery confirmed the animal was taken there at 9am today and said the echidna was most likely hit by a car before being mounted on the post.

The spokesman declined to comment further.

Ms Williamson said the "beautiful animals" were protected and called for information about the perpetrator.

"If you know of any idiots boasting about doing this reports them," she said.

"I for one want justice for this poor darling animal."

Our sister paper The Townsville Bulletin contacted Ms Williamson for comment.

The report has sparked a huge response from Townsville residents, with many expressing anger at the way the animal was treated.