The fourth day of the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Tyagarah.
The fourth day of the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Tyagarah. Marc Stapelberg

Overheard at Bluesfest: Funny conversations from the crowd

The 30th anniversary Bluesfest was a lively affair filled with non-stop activity.

Besides five straight days of great performances to experience, there were mouth-watering delights, shopping and plenty of people-watching to be had.

Folks were also doing a lot of talking while hanging out at the festival site. And our journalists were listening.

Over the course of the weekend event, we heard amusing snippets of conversations, hot takes, funny anecdotes, excited reactions and drunken ramblings.

Here are some of the strangest, funniest, most memorable things we heard out on the Tyagarah fields this weekend.

1. One guy stormed out of Iggy Pop and said, "If he says 'fuck' one more time I'm going to vomit”.

Wonder what he was expecting?

2. Boy - "We drank seven 'goonies' (wine casks) between the three of us.”

Girl - "Oh god.”

3. Very excited boy - "Beers for brekky.”

4. One lady, obviously in dire need to relieve herself and sick of queue jumpers... said quite aggressively, "We're all here for the toilets.”

Oh, I maybe thought it was for the music?

5. Norah Jones said live on stage, "If it's in the wrong key I'll just go with it”.

The piano may have had a few off keys, but she still crushed it.

6. Two teenagers were trying to get to the front of Imelda May when one girl in a flashing flower crown turns to the other and said, "We can't get through, all the old people are the up and front.”

One of our journalists said, "I was in front of them, does that make me old?.” She's in her mid-20s.

7. Girl - "You're being so sassy today”.

Boy - "I've only given you one dose of sass today. Now I'm being fierce.”

8. "When we buy in Wategoes it won't matter when we have to go home.”

Then the friend replied, "Yes, then I'll able to come visit your cliff side mansion whenever I like”.

9. Punter with the inside goss on Bluesfest which apparently according to his sources is, "moving to Bells Beach in Victoria next year or the year after”.

10. Me asking my uncle where he was so I could find him.

Uncle - "I'm next to a puddle.” No further details enclosed. He had had a couple at the bar.

11. Sneaky teenager - "My parents thought I was staying at a friends place but I was actually dying 200 yards away from our house in a field.”

12. "Ya'll jammin' it” - Some sass from a girl approximately 10-years-old with her hands on her hips and all.