An East Lismore p-plater has been charged with high range drink driving.
An East Lismore p-plater has been charged with high range drink driving. Alistair Brightman

P-plater's crash shows 'how insane it is to drink drive'

AN East Lismore teenager who crashed his car and returned a high range drink driving reading has infuriated local police.

Police will allege that at 11.40am on Sunday, a 19-year-old man with a P1 licence drove through a Give Way sign on the intersection of Orion and Diadem Streets.

Richmond Police District's crime prevention officer, Senior Constable David Henderson, said the teenager drove straight into another car, causing his car to do a 180-degree spin.

"He failed a breath test and was taken to Lismore Police Station," he said.

"There he recorded a reading of 0.216 - the legal level for a P-plater is 0.00."

The teenager was charged with high range drink driving and had his licence suspended.

He will appear in Lismore Local Court in April.

Snr Const Henderson said it was a shocking incident.

"If this does not highlight how insane it is to drink drive, I don't know what will," he said.

"If convicted the driver of this alleged incident is facing a minimum of 12 months disqualification, have an alcohol interlock fitted on his car after his disqualification ends (at his own expense) and a maximum fine of $3300.

"His car insurance will probably not cover him as he was intoxicated, meaning that he will have to pay for all the car repairs to both vehicles himself.

"He will also face having a criminal conviction, which is a huge barrier to employment and future overseas travel."

Snr Const Henderson urged people who were considering taking the risk of drink driving to:

  • Think about the risk you are putting yourself under
  • Think about the harm you may cause to yourself, your friends or other road users
  • Think about how you would keep your job if you lose your licence
  • Think about what life would be like in jail.