Laws have just gotten stricter for P-plate drivers
Laws have just gotten stricter for P-plate drivers Blainey Woodham

P-PLATERS: You're now not allowed to do this in your car

P-PLATERS will need to learn how to get from A to B using street directories starting tomorrow as a statewide ban comes into place for those driving with green plates.

New South Wales Roads and Maritime advises "From December 1 2016, P2 license holders will no longer be permitted to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding".

Prior to that, P2 drivers could use a mounted phone for calls and audio only, as long as the phone was not touched while driving.

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The ban is part of a crack down on the state's high road toll, which currently sits at 353 fatalities for the calendar year.

That's 10% more deaths compared to the same time last year.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Chief Inspector Phillip Brook told Australian Regional Media it was high risk driver, rider, cyclist and pedestrian behaviour that was causing the death toll to rise.

"Throughout the previous winter and upcoming summer, it's quite apparent in what has been perfect driving conditions that road users have become complacent ... people are taking perfect driving conditions for granted," he said.

So far this year there have been 14 deaths on Clarence Valley roads.