Page labelled “hypocrite” for last-minute anti-CSG stance

"AN ABSOLUTE hypocrite."

Outgoing Member for Ballina Don Page's parting parliamentary plea to keep his electorate CSG-free has been poorly received.

Federal Labor's Richmond MP Justine Elliot labelled Mr Page's valedictory speech "a disgrace" for glossing over his government's reissuing of 21 CSG exploration licences in 2012, despite an outcry from his electorate.

"I thought it was disgraceful for him to make those comments five minutes before he leaves," Ms Elliot said.

"It is such a contrast to the last four years.

"He was a minister in the government that was actively expanding CSG mining and reissued all the licences in 2012."

The Nationals have been quick to seize on the fact a Labor government originally issued those licences.

But Ms Elliot said the current state of affairs fell squarely on the current government's shoulders.

"We learned from that. They have complete and utter responsibility for all those licences," she said.

"It's pathetic to blame Labor when they reissued them all in September, 2012."