Palmer's challenge to force WA back to the polls

WEST Australian voters are poised to go back to the polls, with mining magnate Clive Palmer confirming he will launch a challenge to the Senate recount with the High Court.

The Australian Electoral Commission declared late on Saturday the Australian Sports Party's Wayne Dropulich and the Greens' Scott Ludlam had won the final Senate positions in a recount on Saturday - despite the fact 1375 votes remain missing.

The recount reverses the original result, which had knocked Mr Dropulich and Senator Ludlam out at a crucial point in the count, which hung on just 14 votes, installing the Palmer United Party's Zhenya "Dio" Wang and Labor's Louise Pratt.

Mr Dropulich and Senator Ludlam appealed, saying the close result warranted a recount.

But during the recount, 1375 ballot papers somehow disappeared. On Friday, Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn apologised for the missing papers, which he said could not be found despite "exhaustive efforts" to locate them. The votes were classified as 1255 formal above-the-line ballots and 120 informal votes from the divisions of Pearce and Forrest.

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