A man who threw items at police during a pursuit has been sentenced.
A man who threw items at police during a pursuit has been sentenced. Trevor Veale

Passenger threw bottle, tyre at police car during pursuit

A MAN who threw items, including a tyre, at a police vehicle during a pursuit has been sentenced.

Joshua Patrick Astill, 21, appeared before Lismore Local Court last week.

While the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had been expected to take carriage of the matter, the court heard this would no longer be the case.

The court heard the prosecution had agreed to withdraw Astill's third charge of resisting police if he lodged guilty pleas to his other two allegations of intentionally throwing an object at a vehicle and destroying or damaging property.

According to court documents, Astill was the passenger of a vehicle involved in a pursuit at Shannon Brook near Casino on April 13 this year when he threw items repeatedly at the police car.

After the car fled along Summerland Way and toward Shannon Brook, reaching speeds of 160km/h, Astill "was seen to throw multiple objects directly at the police vehicle as the (offending) vehicle swerved from right to left", court documents said.

Later on, on he threw a large object which impacted with the windscreen and damaged the windscreen wipers.

Police said in their statement of facts the items he threw "ranged form a bottle to a flat tyre" although Astill "could not remember all the items he threw".

Defence solicitor Philip Crick told the court his client had been in custody since April 13.

"He was sentenced for a matter on May 1 and received a two month fixed term backdated to that date," Mr Crick said.

"It was always indicated at the very first instance he would plead guilty ... to these particular charges."

Mr Crick conceded Mr Astill's use of projectiles against the police vehicle continued "for a long period of time during the pursuit".

Magistrate Jeff Linden convicted Astill of each offence and sentenced him to a prison term that was backdated to April and expired on August 28, the date of his sentencing.

The court heard Astill remained bail refused on an unrelated matter.