Melborune singer songwriter Loretta Miller. Photo Contributed
Melborune singer songwriter Loretta Miller. Photo Contributed Contributed

Patsy Cline tribute is back to Mullum Music Festival

ONE of the highlights of last year's Mullum Music Festival was the Patsy Cline Tribute, an idea of patron Harry James Angus and executed brilliantly by singer Loretta Miller.

Miller is back at Mullumbimby this year and Patsy's tribute will be on again too.

Speaking from Melbourne, the singer recalled her first experience with the show.

"It was really lovely," she said.

"I was touring in the United States with my ex band so I had been on the road for about four months.

"Harry Angus and my partner Darcy McNulty said 'How about we do this?'

"I've always wanted to do something like that but I never had the opportunity. We threw it together very quickly when I came home.

"When I did it at the festival, it was great, but I was coming from playing with a very loud band and with very loud audiences, and the audience for this show was so respectful and silent that when I got off stage I thought they hated it.

"When Harry asked me to do it again I realised they didn't," Miller said.

The singer said her plan for this year is to keep the basic vibe of the show.

"Hopefully we'll have Harry and other people featuring a bit more in backing vocals, and maybe a couple of extra songs. Harry and I will decide on this very soon," she said.

Virginia Patterson Hensley (September 8, 1932 - March 5, 1963), known professionally as Patsy Cline, was an American singer.

Part of the early '1960's Nashville' sound, Cline successfully crossed over to pop music and is considered one of the most influential, successful and acclaimed vocalists of the 20th century.

She died at the age of 30 in a multiple-fatality crash in the private plane of her manager, Randy Hughes.

Cline was best known for her rich tone, emotionally expressive and bold contralto voice and her role as a country music industry pioneer.

Ten years after her death, in 1973, she became the first female solo artist inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

At the Mullum Music Festival on Saturday, November 21, from 5.45pm at the Village Vanguard stage.