Wreaths are one of the traditions at Anzac Day ceremonies.
Wreaths are one of the traditions at Anzac Day ceremonies.

Peace-promoting ceremonies confirmed for ANZAC Day

A local peace-promoting organisation has confirmed two public events for ANZAC Day to remember the suffering war brings to all sides, and to make a strong commitment to peace and nonviolence.

Lismore's ex-Mayor Jenny Dowell, patron of organising group Remembering and Healing (RaH), invited the community to attend.

"This is an annual opportunity to gather to reflect on our personal role in promoting peace," she said.

"Through the sharing of beliefs and experiences, we can appreciate the common humanity that unites us and the diversity that makes us a rich interesting community where everyone belongs."

The first event will be held on the eve of the ANZAC Day Gathering, on April 24 from 5pm at Lismore Anglican Church St Andrew's, with a theme Celebrating our Diversity and our Commitment to Peace.

The public is invited to join with community leaders and representatives of different religions and non-religious groups.

Anglican Bishop Murray Harvey will be one of the speakers.

"The gathering will remember war and the suffering it brings; it will promote a violence free future locally and globally," RaH said in a statement.

The event will conclude with a ceremony of lighting candles for peace.

The second ceremony will be an ANZAC Day Reflections event on April 25 from 11am at Lismore City Hall.

The theme of the day will be Valuing Peace on ANZAC Day - Reflections on War and Possibilities for Peace.

"This is an opportunity for participants to explore one's experiences and reflections on ANZAC Day in a safe and facilitated group. Lismore former councillor Simon Clough will be the facilitator," Rah said.

"The gathering will offer an opportunity to share deeply about the impact of war on us, our families and our country.

"It wants to provide an opportunity to visualise and join efforts to create a different world."

The whole community is invited to both these gatherings.