Pedophile to stay in jail for refusing group therapy

A SERIAL pedophile told a supreme court that he did not want to participate in a group sexual offenders program because "I do not wish to listen to other people's offences or for them to listen to mine".

Kerry Patrick Valence, 58, who was previously convicted at Rockhampton District Court for offences, has been ordered to remain behind bars because a court heard he has continuously refused to participate in group therapy.

Under dangerous prisoner laws, the Attorney-General can apply to the supreme court to keep someone in jail or for them to be released on strict supervision orders.

Every year Valence's case is reviewed and since 2009 he has been ordered to stay in jail because he has been considered a danger to the community.

At a hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday Valence represented himself and told the court he did not wish to participate in a sexual offenders program because he did not want to listen to other people's offences and argued he had made progress through individual counselling.

Justice Jean Dalton said evidence from psychiatrists showed Valence was happy in jail.

She said he had told a psychiatrist "my life is simple and easy as it is, and I'm used to it" and "staying in prison doesn't worry me".

Justice Dalton said Valence's criminal history dated back years and included mostly pedophile offences against young boys.

There has been some positive movement in Valence's treatment because he continually sees a mental health professional, Justice Dalton said, but he was still a serious danger to the community and had not engaged in a sexual offender's program.