Coffs Harbour’s latest ‘it’ couple, Brendan and Andy.
Coffs Harbour’s latest ‘it’ couple, Brendan and Andy.

The perfect pair of penguins

A PAIR of male penguins at the Pet Porpoise Pool have been "outed" for sharing the love that dares not speak its name.

Staff at the iconic attraction had their suspicions confirmed, discovering the little blue penguins, Brendan and Andy, have converted their burrow into a gay love shack.

Marketing managing Angela Van den Bosch said the pair had been co-habitating for the past 12 months.

"The team is very supportive of their wish to live together as they are genuinely caring of each other," Ms Van Den Bosch said.

"All the other creatures at the pool have also been very accepting. One of the seals has even offered to be a flower girl when it becomes legal for them to get married.

"Brendan has taken on the responsibility of building the nest and renovating their hutch to make it a home. While Andy is the provider, and in the past fathered chicks with a few of the females, it is apparent he has now decided that he prefers the company of Brendan."

The outing of the perfectly preened pair comes as the Pet Porpoise Pool prepares to host its most outrageous show of the year.

"Drag Out the Dolphins was a hilarious highlight of last year's inaugural CoastOut Festival and is being held at 3pm this Saturday.

"It again promises to be a totally outrageous show but tickets are limited so go to to make sure you get a poolside seat."