Kevin Hogan and Patrick Deegan
Kevin Hogan and Patrick Deegan The Daily Examiner

Personal attacks: Election ads get nasty in Page

PAGE MP Kevin Hogan won't be phased by personal attack advertising during the federal election, despite an increasing number popping up in the last week of the campaign.

Mr Hogan said he has being ignoring personal attack ads against him during the election and won't stop now.

"People want positive ideas, not personal attacks," he said.

"Campaigns are an important part of our healthy democracy.

"I am always optimistic and have been getting great feedback on pre-poll."

But Labor's candidate for Page Patrick Deegan said advertising, specifically ads highlight Mr Hogan's voting record in terms of cutting penalty rates and the effects its had on Page voters, will hopefully inform the voters of what their current MP has done for them.

One of Labor's election advertisements in the federal seat of Page.
One of Labor's election advertisements in the federal seat of Page.

"Kevin Hogan is clearly uncomfortable with me pointing out his record - including when he voted against the Banking Royal Commission 27 times, when he gutted penalty rates for thousands of workers in his electorate and his decision to vote against a gate price for dairy farmers," Mr Deegan said.

"I make no apology for holding Kevin Hogan to account for his vote to strip penalty rates from the people in this electorate. These are hard-working people who rely on penalty rates to pay their bills, and who have seen their wages flatline under this government.   

"People feel let down by Kevin Hogan and the Nationals and there is a huge desire for change.​"

Voters will have their chance to really prove who they think will best represent them federally when they head to the polls on May 18.