GUN-NUTS right across the globe were conned when animal rights group PETA put together a brand of condom called "Huntsman".

The purpose? - to stop hunters reproducing and therefore stop the next generation coming into existence. 

"Hardly any kids hunt these days," PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said. 

"And if PETA's condoms have prevented even one more wretched hunter from being born, we have succeeded in saving the lives of deer, birds, and other living things." 

In Australia the condoms were sent to the organisers of the Narooma Huntfest in New South Wales.

The camouflage-wrapped prophylactics boast they are "a piece of safety equipment that makes no compromises on pleasure or performance". 

In the US packages were sent to famous hunters including Donald Trump Jr. 

The news comes amidst a heated debate in Northern NSW over the growing gun rate. 

With several people accusing the NSW Greens of giving criminals tip-offs by revealing which postcodes had high rates of gun ownership and in which areas large collections of guns were kept. 

One advocate for loosening gun laws, Clarence Valley resident Colin Wigg wrote a lengthy letter attacking the Greens' conduct. 

 "We are being demonised on a daily basis by media outlets and these extremist groups. What have they done to actually prevent gun related crime. Nothing!" Mr Wigg wrote. 

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