Time to fill up, before the prices skyrocket.
Time to fill up, before the prices skyrocket.

Petrol prices on the move, so check before you fill up

AS FAMILIES prepare for the start of school holidays, petrol prices start to rise.

The Fuel Check website this week revealed a number of changes in fuel prices (Ethanol 94 or E10) in Northern NSW.

Between Wednesday and today, there has already been changes in petrol prices at Byron Bay, Lismore, Casino, Kyogle, Grafton Tweed Heads and Ballina.

Most Tweed petrol stations reduced their prices between Wednesday and today, with 19 of 31 petrol stations recording pricing showed no change, while nine vendors increased their prices.

The cheapest stations in Northern NSW today, according to Fuel Check, were in Tenterfield, at United Tenterfield at 139.5c and BP Tenterfield at 139.7.

The most expensive E10 in the area today was at Murwillumbah, with Caltex Murwillumbah and Coles Express Murwillumbah both at 154.9.


The last 12 month's average fuel price for NSW is 137.5.


Bridget Ahern, NRMA spokesperson, said petrol prices were increasing in the lead up to school holidays.

"We are seeing prices in regional areas of NSW, such as the North Coast, increasing, and although we are seeing very high petrol prices in Sydney, luckily we are not seeing prices as high in regional areas," she said.

Ms Ahern said the best tip for people travelling around is checking petrol prices in the area they are travelling to ahead of the trip.

"The best thing the NRMA recommends for motorists to do is to shop around for petrol before they leave their house, so people should jump on the NRMA app if they are members, or the government's Fuelcheck website, and check what the prices are along your route," she said.

Page MP Kevin Hogan said he is concerned about residents in regional NSW paying more for fuel than in metro areas.

"With petrol retailing, my concern is regional and country petrol prices being higher at times than city prices. It is not explainable by transport costs or any other cost input," he said.

"I have questioned the ACCC and others on this and have never had a reasonable explanation. I believe a Royal Commission is needed. I moved a Notice Of Motion to this effect in Parliament last November. I continue to lobby my parliamentary colleagues on this."