Scammers got more than they bargained for when they targeted a Casino man.
Scammers got more than they bargained for when they targeted a Casino man. Contributed

Phone scammer targets retired cop

PHONE scammers have been running hot on the Northern Rivers, but one scammer got more than she bargained for when she targeted a retired police inspector.

Yesterday at 2pm a scammer called a Casino man, pretending to be from Telstra. The scammer 'Selina' said that someone was trying to hack into his internet and it was going to be disconnected for six months. 'Selina' said that she could fix the problem though. She even offered proof that she was not a scammer, saying if they called 80073407 this would confirm she was from Telstra.

Unfortunately for 'Selina' she had called a retired police Inspector who saw through this scam straight away. After giving 'Selina' a thorough character assessment he hung up on her.

'Selina' was trying to trick the victim into installing software onto his computer, which would have given her access to all of his files and bank accounts. The phone number 80073407 would be cloned from overseas; a quick google of the number shows that it was connected to scamming activity.

A Woodburn man received a similar call last week and unfortunately was conned out of $1500.00

Police said it looked like phone scammers were hitting the Northern Rivers hard at the moment. They said the public need to be vigilant about unsolicited phone calls from Telstra and other large companies.

No legitimate business will ever ask you to install software on your computer or ask you to buy itunes cards. #LismoreScamWatch