Photo tours explore southwest USA

ENTOURTAIN Photo Excursions is releasing dates for its upcoming tours, which include Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and Natural Bridges Monument.

These seven-day tours provide access to both popular and little-seen areas with a focus on premiere photo-taking opportunities.

Arizona is full of natural wonders that draw millions of tourists each year, making it one of the most photographed states in the country.

While there are many tours that offer access to the state's most popular sights, most limit their focus to the most popular and oft-photographed locations.

EnTOURtain Photo Excursions gives travellers the ability to view not only these popular spots, but the beautiful locations that most do not experience.

Its photography excursions are geared toward the photographer, coordinating location visits with prime photography times to ensure maximum picture-taking conditions.

Upcoming photography excursions include transportation, lodging, meals, and entry fees, along with photo instruction from photography experts who know the best spots and the best time to shoot.

This allows participants to focus their attention on seeing the sights and taking magnificent pictures of their visit.

The product is unique experiences in unique places resulting in unique photographs.

While EnTOURtain Photo Excursions plans to expand its tours to include other areas across the nation, Arizona and the Southwest will remain a primary tour focus.

Company CEO Scott Hayden says he is very excited to show off the beautiful state of Arizona.

"Our clients have the opportunity to photograph areas that most people have never had the privilege of seeing in person. Our commitment is to provide our clients with some of the best outdoor photography opportunities in Arizona," he says.

Those interested in exploring the tours offered by EnTOURtain Photo Excursions can visit the website at

EnTOURtain Photo Excursions was created to give photography enthusiasts the opportunity to create memories of a lifetime through their camera lenses. EnTOURtain Photo Excursions is a subsidiary of Hayden Motorcoach, LLC. Hayden Motorcoach started operations in 2006 by owner/founder Scott Hayden. Hayden Motorcoach specializes in sightseeing tours throughout the Southwest USA.

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