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PHOTOS: Bernard Salt delivers his vision for the future

11th June 2019 4:50 PM
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UPDATED 12th June 9:00 AM

DEMOGRAPHER Bernard Salt has a vision of what the Northern Rivers will look like in the future.

He told The Northern Star: "Northern Rivers residents can by all means continue along in a business-as-usual kinda way, or they can seize the moment, be outrageously ambitious for their region's future, and plan the very best way forward".

160 people have heard Mr Salt share that vision at an event hosted by The Northern Star and Southern Cross University.

They also heard from NSW Business Chamber's regional manager, Jane Laverty, and prominent industry leaders such as Lismore City Council's general manager Shelley Oldham, co-owner of Brookfarm Pamela Brook, SCU's Ben Roche and student Max den Exter.