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PHOTOS: Byron Bay during coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

27th March 2020 1:22 PM
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WE took a trip around Byron Bay to see the impact the lockdown and the coronavirus (COVID-19) were having on the town. 

To be honest it didn't look very different to town at 6am in the morning after a big night out, but in reality it was actually 10am.

Shop keepers stood at their doors bewildered at whether they would get any customers, take away coffee venues stood almost empty, with tables and chairs packed, occasional tourists shuffled along with their bags. 

Travel agencies had closed their doors, the pharmacy was letting people in one at a time, and the iconic Northern Hotel remained shut with even the 'pineapple man' nowhere to be seen. 

Occasional surf shops were open, but stall keepers looked bored and confused. 

This was not the thriving tourist hot spot that everyone was used to.