Great Eastern Fly-in at Evans Head Aerodrome.
Great Eastern Fly-in at Evans Head Aerodrome. Amber Gibson

Crowds treated to daring aerial display at airshow

PILOTS Glenn Graham and Paul Bennet were flying high for festival-goers at the Evans Head Great Eastern Fly-in, performing one of the four challenging aerobatic displays on Saturday.

At 1.30pm Mr. Bennett and Mr. Graham hopped into their one-of-a-kind aircraft, the Wolf Pitts Pro and Wolf Pitts S1-11X, and performed some tricks and stunts for their audience.

Mr Graham, who has been a pilot for 23 years, said a lot of practice and faith between pilots is needed to perform the 12-minute long display.

"We're doing a formation display known as the Sky Aces aerobatic team, which is a team that is made up of four aircraft but today we have just brought two and we're going to be flying in close proximity to each other, one to two meters apart and will do some loops and rolls, which is quite spectacular," he said.

"A few daring head to head manoeuvres as well, so it looks like we are coming at each other, it's quite an entertaining display."

These Wolf Pitts are the only two aircraft in the world like each other, powered by a 400 horsepower engine, weighing 650kg and worth $500,000 each.

"They are the highest performing aerobatic biplanes in the world, designed for aerobatics and stunt flying. It's all power to weight ratio," Mr Graham said.

With 17 years' flying experience, Paul Bennet said the aircraft were specifically design to be able to rumble and roll fast in the air to perform tricks.

Their flying displays were among the many highlights offered to attendees over the weekend with up to 8,000 people exploring the historic and innovative aviation site.

Event co-ordinator Gai Taylor said the aviation event started in the early 1990s and promoted all different aspects of aviation, all sorts of aircraft including the latest drones and offered markets.