STORM: Bec Jans took this stunning photo of the storm as it passed over Casino.
STORM: Bec Jans took this stunning photo of the storm as it passed over Casino. Bec Jans

PHOTOS: 'Mini tornado' tears through Casino streets

AFTER weeks of little to no rain, the sight of rainclouds forming was a welcome sight for Richmond Valley residents on Saturday.

However the slow-moving storm quickly intensified, bringing heavy rain, hail and high winds which tore trees out of the ground in Casino.

Posting on Casino Information Exchange, Therese Schier shared photos of her neighbour's yard, which had been significantly damaged during the storm, which Ms Schier described as a "10 second mini tornado".

Joanne Cameron agreed, saying she "thought it was a mini tornado too".

"I was standing at my window watching the storm when out of nowhere about three metres in width, a huge gust hit my window," she said.

"Lucky it didn't break, certainly made me jump back."

Yvonne Bottrell said her property received "heaps" of rain during the storm, while a large 20ft tree had fallen right next to the house.

"The biggest part of the tree just snapped," she said.

"Luckily it fell away from the house.

"It's just myself and my partner and five little kids, so it was pretty frightening for them."

Fellow Casino resident Wendy Tee said the tornado-like conditions lasted "longer than 10 seconds" but she luckily escaped damage at her property.

Aim Shep said her Gays Hill home received "decent sized" hail, with "some strange pieces that broke on impact".

The storm caused a temporary power outage to a number of homes after a Dyraaba Street power pole was damaged in the wind.

Casino SES deputy unit commander Donna Lamont said the unit received 3 calls for help.

"Storm season is still upon us and Casino SES encourages everyone to be prepared," she said.

"Trim trees in and around your yard, clean gutters and drains, and have a plan in place for any emergency such as flood, fire or storm damage."

In the event of a storm, bring children and pets indoors and stay away from windows.

You should never enter or travel through floodwater, while staying clear of creeks, drains, causeways, gutters, streams, fallen trees, power lines and damaged buildings.

If driving, put your hazard lights on and pull over to the side of the road keeping clear of drains, causeways, streams, creeks, trees and power lines.

If outdoors, seek secure shelter away from drains, causeways, streams, creeks, trees and power lines.