Pink wins royalties court case.
Pink wins royalties court case. Bang Showbiz

Pink wins royalties court case

SPECIALIST Entertainment production company's claims for $36,213.31 in royalties from Sony Music for working on Pink's debut album have been dismissed in court.

Pink's court case against Specialists Entertainment production company has been dismissed.

The singer's record label Sony Music will get to keep the $36,213.31 they were accused of withholding in royalties to two producers, who claimed they were owed the cash for working on two tracks, 'Hiccup' and 'Can't Take Me Home', from the star's 2000 debut album of the same name.

According to, a New York appeal court sided with Pink - real name Alecia Moore - and her label on March 4 and have dismissed the case.

The site reports that the legal documents explained that "granted plaintiff's cross motion to amend its complaint to add a lain for breach of contract as a third-party beneficiary as against defendant Sony Music Holdings, Inc., unanimously reversed, on the law, without costs, the cross motion denied, and the complaint dismissed.

"The agreement, requesting and authorizing Sony to deduct a portion of royalties payable to Moore and to pay them directly to plaintiff, by its express terms, negates any intent to permit enforcement by third-parties."

It was ruled the producers cannot claim money from Sony because the agreement was with Pink.