Pizza boy assault gets man 3 months

ONE of three men who robbed a pizza delivery boy in Tweed Heads last year has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with a non-parole period of three months.

Magistrate R Denes told Lismore Local Court on Tuesday that Nai Ivey was on a community service order for a separate assault when he stole pizzas and assaulted Juan Carlos Medina last year.

On June 25, Ivey and his two co-accused, Toasie Togo and Harley Trindall, ordered pizza to be delivered to an address in Tweed Heads.

The Dominos delivery boy, with seven pizzas, was met by the offenders at the address.

Magistrate Denes said Ivey waved his hand and motioned for his co-accused to emerge from nearby bushland.

One offender was armed with a stick.

"There was a group of them, that would have put the victim in fear about what was going to happen," Magistrate Denes said.

"It does not matter that all they stole was pizza. What is relevant is the way they did it."

The group stole the pizzas and retreated to a house to devour $103.35 worth of the cheesy meal.

Police patrolling Kirkwood Rd shortly after the theft heard a male voice coming from a home, detailing how "full" he was from his over indulgence.

When police entered the house, they found seven pizza boxes and Trindall hiding in a small cupboard.

Ivey pleaded guilty to steal from person and common assault.

In weighing up sentencing options, Magistrate Denes said one of the co-accused had already been sentenced to a term of imprisonment and the other was pending sentencing.