Cutting off the plastic ring.
Cutting off the plastic ring. WIRES

Plastic adornment dangerous for water dragon

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IN MID January this year residents at the village at Southern Cross Drive in Ballina noticed one of the many water dragons seemed to be wearing a less than glamorous adornment.

On closer inspection it became clear the poor guy had managed to somehow get his head stuck through the safety seal ring of a discarded bottle.

The water dragon with his less than glamorous adornment.
The water dragon with his less than glamorous adornment. WIRES

Judging by the size of the ring and the dragon it appears that he may have been wearing his necklace for quite some time, however it was now clearly approaching restriction and needed to be removed.

WIRES were called to assist, however catching an agile water dragon is no easy task when he has many nooks and crannies to his advantage.

WIRES maintained regular contact with resident Jan, but "Mr Ringy” proved elusive.

Trapping was the only way to contain the lizard.

Resident Jan was provided with a cage trap and string and, thanks to her endless effort and patience, she finally managed to secure the patient almost five weeks after reporting the concern.

A quick visit from a reptile handler from WIRES and the Water dragon was assessed and released.

Ringy's story is a good reminder that a careless approach to our litter can cause great distress to the local wildlife.

Please remember to cut all safety seal rings before discarding.